1 Pound ground beef (sirloin, round, chuck whatever is your choice)
Salt and Pepper
Everyone makes hamburgers differently.  You can add minced onions and garlic, egg
and bread crumbs.  But I prefer them with just salt and pepper and good quality of
Form the meat into medium sized hamburgers and heat a cast iron skillet.  Throw some
salt in the skillet and add the patties.  Let the burgers sear for about 3 minutes, then
After about 2 minutes, pour a full bottle of nice red wine.  Once again the question about
what kind of wine should one use comes up.  The dish is only as good as the
ingredients.  I know I can’t use a fine French 1st growth, but if you use bad wine the
meal will be bad.  Some how I can’t seem to make my vino enthusiast understand
why they must give me their wine bottle for my hamburgers….
Simmer the hamburgers for 15 minutes, then serve.  Some do not like herbs on their
food, but my mother always minced chives on top.
We always love mashed potatoes with this dish.  I think that it was really a vehicle
to enjoy the sauce.

Hamburgers in wine sauce

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