Poached Salmon

This is an easy  but elegant main dish. It can be decorated beautifully and will impress everyone.  The flavor is wonderful and fits into any party menu.  The best part is that it can be made ahead and served room temperature.

Poached salmon

Take one Salmon and ask the fishmonger to remove the bones but leave the skin on.  Place on sheets of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet.  Stuff with slices of lemon, parsley, butter, salt and pepper.  Butter the outside of the salmon, add salt and pepper and lemon slices.  Close the foil and create a sealed package.  Place in a 350 degree oven for 20 minutes.  Let the fish cool then place on a  the serving platter.  Remove the skin and all of the cooking herbs.  Decorate the fillet with alternating slices of cucumber in the form of scales, and parsley and lemon slices.  Serve with either a  Hollandaise sauce or a yogurt cucumber sauce.

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