Chef Jimmy’s dinner party

The other night we had dinner at my friend Chef Jimmy’s house.  He has been working everyday that week and still wanted to cook for us.  Now that’s true dedication!

Chef Jimmy is a personal chef who also has a line of spices.  Check out his website..

Our first course was a shrimp cocktail.

The main course was rack of lamb.  He cooked them in a smoker.  There was tons of smoke…

Chef Jimmy also created a “Bibb and Blue” salad.  It was beautiful and delicious.

The finished plate was really wonderful.  A very good time was had by all.  Thank you Chef Jimmy and Food is Love!

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  1. Adriana says:

    What was served with the rack of lamb? Is that risotto or some sort of rice? Looks yummy!

  2. It was Butternut Squash risotto. Yummy. You would like it.

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