Sweet Pea Soup with Mint

When I went to the market yesterday, I was looking for a vegetable to make a nice soup.  To my surprise, I found some fresh English peas.  It almost seemed a shame to put them in soup, but…I had a hankering for some soup.

Sweet Pea Soup with Mint

1 shallot chopped

2 cups fresh English peas preferred but frozen can work as well

1 small bunch of mint

1/4 cup of orange juice

Olive oil

Salt and Pepper

Saute the shallots in the olive oil until translucent.   Add peas and water to cover the peas.  Add a pinch of salt.  Bring to a boil and then simmer until the peas are just tender, about 5 minutes.  Frozen peas only take 3 minutes.  Place the peas and the mint in a blender, add the orange juice and enough of the cooking water to create the consistency needed.  Add salt and pepper as needed.  This can be served either hot or cold.

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