The Big Green Egg


Barbeque… cooking.   I always love when husbands say, “don’t worry about dinner Honey, I’m going to grill tonight”.  That means, you are in charge of everything else, I’m standing at the grill  and flipping…

But the funny thing is that when the party gets complicated and I offer to help man the grill (no pun intended), I end up being too preoccupied with all the other dishes I have going on.   And let me tell you that multi-tasking is not a good trait for Q-ing.  I always burn what ever is on the grill.  I know that you should turn the steaks when you see the juices come through.  And you should not keep flipping, and if you turn them only a 1/4 turn, you can make those cool criss-crosses.  But that’s a lot of concentration on one square foot of real estate.

Maybe next time I should just plan to barbeque everything with nothing that requires me to move an inch.  Hmmm…….. let’s see how that works for me…..

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