The other night we had a wonderful dinner at Kenichi.   We did not order one single item.  Our friend Cory is a chef there and just kept the food coming.

They had just received a shipment of fresh fish.  It’s always good to know, especially if you are going to be eating Sashimi.

We had some fresh scallops:

Next up was a Tempura crab roll:

The presentation of each dish is outstanding.  They are each a work of art.  And the taste…..Mmmmm!!!

This is Cory on the left with his Boss.

Very, very serious people.

Here it comes:

This is fresh Abalone.  Very special.

This is some Ahi poke.  Check out the huge leaf of Japanese mint, Shiso.  It has a very delicate taste and is really beautiful.

Sorry about the picture, but this shows the two kinds of wasabi they serve.  On the right is the usual type, but on the left is a pickled wasabi.  It is less pungent.

All in all it was a wonderful evening.  The food was terrific, the company was super and it was a lot of fun.

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