Mustard Sauce

My grandmother Oma did not know how to boil an egg before she married my grandfather.  But my grandfather considered himself a “gourmand”.  For the record, he was rail thin.  His favorite pastime was reading cookbooks.  Even if he was sick and could not stand the sight of food, he still loved his cookbooks.

He never cooked, but he taught my grandmother how to cook.  He was so supportive to her “experiments”.  My mother told me that even when they were served the most God awful meals, he would just turn to my grandmother and say: ” this is fine, next time we should try to do it a little differently”.  My mother and my aunt would not be able to eat any of it, but he would have enough bites to ensure that she was not discouraged.

Oma turned out to be a really wonderful cook.  And she had a vast repertoire.  My grandfather would emphasis the German foods of his youth, but the did have an eclectic cuisine.

A very simple sauce that Oma made was the Mustard Sauce.  It is very easy, it’s just equal parts of butter and Dijon mustard melted and served over vegetables or fish.  It is very simple but delicious.  I recently served with green beans to my family, and they raved about it.  I had forgotten how good it is.  Try it!

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