Noodles by Kenichi

Noodles by Kenichi


There is a new restaurant in town and that is always fun.  And this is great because it is a gourmet fast food place.  I had been seeing the ads in the newspaper and was very curious.
So they say they have “Custom Salads and Asian Inspirations”.  You can build your own salad or choose from a list of local favorites.  You choose your greens, pick “throw ins”, determine your dressing and add protein.  The list of “throw ins” is quite large.  Everything from avocado, tomatoes, fruits, veggies, cheeses and nuts.  They provide a good selection.  And the dressings are interesting, some with an Asian twist.  The proteins are vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

I decided to try the tofu.  They recommended the house baked tofu that is marinated in a special sauce then baked and wok stir fried right before serving.  It was probably the best tofu I have had.   It was really good.  But you could also pick chicken,shrimp or beef.

noodle's salad


They also have 6 different Noodle bowls.  There were several interesting choices.  But the one we tried was the
Chiang Mai Green Curry.  It had rice noodles, baby bok choy, eggplant, shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots with lemon grass kaffir lime green curry sauce.  It was excellent.  There too you could add protein.  We asked for the beef tenderloin.  It finished the dish nicely.Noodle's soup

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