The other night we had a wonderful dinner at Kenichi.   We did not order one single item.  Our friend Cory is a chef there and just kept the food coming.

They had just received a shipment of fresh fish.  It’s always good to know, especially if you are going to be eating Sashimi.

We had some fresh scallops:

Next up was a Tempura crab roll:

The presentation of each dish is outstanding.  They are each a work of art.  And the taste…..Mmmmm!!!

This is Cory on the left with his Boss.

Very, very serious people.

Here it comes:

This is fresh Abalone.  Very special.

This is some Ahi poke.  Check out the huge leaf of Japanese mint, Shiso.  It has a very delicate taste and is really beautiful.

Sorry about the picture, but this shows the two kinds of wasabi they serve.  On the right is the usual type, but on the left is a pickled wasabi.  It is less pungent.

All in all it was a wonderful evening.  The food was terrific, the company was super and it was a lot of fun.

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Fiestas Mexicanas

Mexico celebrated it’s 200 year Independence anniversary.  There were many, many celebrations, not only in Mexico but also at every Embassy all over the world.  But of course food is at the center of everything, right?

We went to one of our family’s favorite restaurant.

It’s a very picturesque place with a garden full of birds.

But, once again…the food:  Even the butter is beautiful.

The avocado soup is delish!

The “platillo mexicano”  is a good example of Mexican food:

And then of course the typical September dish, chiles en nogada:

The recipe is at   on a previous post here.


The “21” Burger

The “21” Club in New York City makes these burgers and although they are good….Crisco?…..seriously?

The ‘21’ Burger

2 pounds ground sirloin or beef
2 tablespoons Crisco or 4 tablespoons duck fat
1 teaspoon ground fennel seed
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1/2 teaspoon fresh rosemary
1 whole egg
4 tablespoons minced onion
1. In a mixing bowl add the beef, Crisco or duck fat, fennel, cayenne pepper, ground pepper,
thyme, rosemary, egg and onion. Mix until all ingredients are incorporated evenly.
2. Divide the beef mixture into four, 8‐ounce burgers. Pack and shape them tightly.
3. On a hot grill place the burger and cook for approximately 4 1/2 minutes on each side for a
medium rare temperature (cook longer for a more well‐done burger if desired.)
4. Serve on a bun.
4 burgers

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Museum Cafe

The Museum of Contemporary Art has a great little Cafe.  It is convenient and they serve the best salads.  It is a great place for a nice lunch.

It was a beautiful day and we sat outside.

Any budding artists?  Up for some doodles?  I’ll get you some more crayons!

I tried the chicken salad.  It had so many wonderful flavors.  It was dressed with an orange aioli.  Yummy!

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Hickory House Ribs

The Hickory House has absolutely fabulous baby back ribs.  They are specially butchered ribs that are cooked to perfection.  They are succulent,  fall off the bone, yummy.  When I ask my husband “what should we have for dinner?” and he doesn’t have a clue, the answer is ” Hickory House”!  It is always a treat to order take out!

The meal comes with baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad and Texas Toast.  It is truly a feast!

I must say…. the only ribs that are as good as these are the ones that my friend Chef Jimmy makes.  They are scrumptious!  But they do take a long….long…time to make.  They are worth it, but they don’t qualify for a “what the heck are we going to have for dinner” night.  I’ll have to post those next time Chef Jimmy makes them for us.  Stay tuned!!!

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Beaumont’s is a great restaurant in Bird Rock that has a very innovative chef and a happening ambiance.  On weekends they have live music and it is always packed.

One of the special apps is the “Man Fries”.  Blue Cheese / Garlic / Basil Aioli…Yummmm

"man fries"

We also had the Pistachio Baked Brie Balsamic-Pomegranate Reduction / Crostini.  It was a very different Brie presentation.

DSCN1265 Beaumont

Baby Iceberg Wedge Salad Apples / Organic Tomatoes / Bacon / Roquefort Bleu Cheese Dressing.  A very fresh salad.DSCN1266 Beaumont

The Scallops are perfectly seared.

DSCN1268 Beaumont

The Ahi special was encrusted with pepitas.  Delicious.

DSCN1267 Ahi special

French Country Style Meatloaf
Sun Dried Tomatoes / House Mash Potatoes / Garlicy Green Beans.  Home cooking at it’s best.

DSCN1269 Beaumont's

Oven Roasted Free-Range 1/2 Chicken
Toasted Almond-Saffron Risotto / Fruit Chutney / Harissa.  This was a very clever use of Harissa.

DSCN1270 chicken beaumont




Recently we tried a new (to us) restaurant in Denver. It is called Rioja.  This is a Mediteranian insipred cuisine.

Bread and butter

I started with the tuna sashimi and tuna tartare, marinated apple and fennel, anise vinaigrette, crispy apple chips.  It was divine.  The apple chips are an unusual treat.DSCN1204 Rioja

The warm Brussels sprout salad, roasted delicata squash, pancetta apple vinaigrette, pistachio pistou was a great surprise.  Who would have ever thought of having Brussels sprouts in a salad.  It was delicious.  And I don’t even like them, normally.

DSCN1205 Rioja

The braised Wagyu boneless beef shortrib, gorgonzola creamed farro, pear arugula salad,  candied walnuts, with Don PX sherry reduction was so tender and rich.  It is one of the specialties.  It was phenomenal.

DSCN1208 Rioja

The quince tortelli, pine nut brown butter, juniper gastrique, organic arugula were quite unique.  The brown butter sauce was very special. DSCN1209 RiojaThis was a fabulous meal.  I know that we will be back again, and of course I’ll have to post that meal as well.

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There is a nice restaurant that is in Washington DC.  I really like it because they have a great Lobster special.  I went looking for my Lobster fix recently, but alas….. there was none.   Oh, well.  Next time.


So I did the honorable thing….I ordered Crab cakes.  They were very good.  Lots of good lump crab and no filler.  They were served with a nice sauce.  Not lobster, but still good.

Crab cakes

Another great dish that we had there was the  Butternut Squash Ravioli.    It was a great fall dish, delicious and colorful.

Butternut squash

This was a great meal with wonderful company, but next time….I want my lobster!

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Noodles by Kenichi

Noodles by Kenichi


There is a new restaurant in town and that is always fun.  And this is great because it is a gourmet fast food place.  I had been seeing the ads in the newspaper and was very curious.
So they say they have “Custom Salads and Asian Inspirations”.  You can build your own salad or choose from a list of local favorites.  You choose your greens, pick “throw ins”, determine your dressing and add protein.  The list of “throw ins” is quite large.  Everything from avocado, tomatoes, fruits, veggies, cheeses and nuts.  They provide a good selection.  And the dressings are interesting, some with an Asian twist.  The proteins are vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

I decided to try the tofu.  They recommended the house baked tofu that is marinated in a special sauce then baked and wok stir fried right before serving.  It was probably the best tofu I have had.   It was really good.  But you could also pick chicken,shrimp or beef.

noodle's salad


They also have 6 different Noodle bowls.  There were several interesting choices.  But the one we tried was the
Chiang Mai Green Curry.  It had rice noodles, baby bok choy, eggplant, shitake mushrooms, bamboo shoots with lemon grass kaffir lime green curry sauce.  It was excellent.  There too you could add protein.  We asked for the beef tenderloin.  It finished the dish nicely.Noodle's soup

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I can’t cook EVERYDAY… sometimes it is fun to have others cook for me.  So we went to Rustique for dinner.  It was full of people and the ambiance was a buzz.   Here are just a sampling of what we had.

salmon tartare

The salmon tartar was very good.  The capers gave it a fresh taste and the salmon was rich and creamy.  The toast points had a nice touch of garlic that rounded out the dish.

Onion soup

The french onion soup was perfect.  The cheesy top was nicely browned.  It was perfect for a cool night.

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