Swedish Meatballs

My sister is the keeper of this recipe from our mother.  It is a family favorite and she is the one who is asked to make it.  She has perfected it and the tradition continues…..

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Food is Love

I have posted in the past about my friend Chef Jimmy.  He has Mojo!  And he sells it too!  It is a really great blend of spices that is very healthy and tasty.

It can be found at Amazon under the food section.  You should give it a try.  It’s great on any kind of protein, and it is really good on peanuts.
He made us dinner the other night and it was delish!
The strawberries were so fresh, and juicy so he decided to incorporate it into a salad:
The candies pecans were a nice addition.  Hey, do you suppose he put some of his Mojo on them?
And it had a super yummy dressing:
It was an overcast day, so some comfort food was the order of the day.
Braised Chicken over fresh pasta.  Yummm.
So check him out at Amazon.com. And chefjimmy.com
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Calamandins/ Calamondin

The calamandin is a small sour orange citrus that is not very well know.  My mother had two gorgeous trees that gave fruit year round.  She used them in drinks, and as marmalade and chutney.  It became a very favorite family fruit.

I now have two trees and I have been able to experiment a bit.

I decided to see if it would go well with some salmon.


I took a beautiful fresh fillet of wild king salmon.  Salted and peppered it.  Then I put it in a oven proof dish with calamandins and poured  a little bit of maple syrup over it.  The calamandins are quite sour so it needed some sweetness and I thought that the whole east meets west, Vancouver type of action would be good.  I sprinkled some herbs de provance over it all and ran it in the broiler  until the salmon was just warm in the middle.  The top of the salmon got a nice browning and it ended up being delish!  I plated it over sauteed spinach. And I sprinkled some sesame seeds over the top of it all.  Even my non fish loving husband liked it.  I think it is a nice use of the calamandins.

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So, I grew up in Mexico.  We had fairs every week-end, if you went to the mercado.  But when I was first introduced to one of the largest county fair in the US, I was blown away.  It is huge!  IT IS: THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY!

I’m overwhelmed….I think I can’t post everything in one…it’s just too much!  Sigh, sigh…

That is what it is all about, isn’t it?  Good food, good friends and definitely  goooood times.  It was a last minute decision, but I went there by myself…ok, I took my camera, because I really wanted to take my time checking everything out.  And it was fun!

There is always music… or at least that is what some people call it….hey, power to him.  I can’t hold a note.

And then there is excellence, my niece has incredible talent:

Tru Def

Click on the link.  You will enjoy.  I know, I am biased, but she has won top honors in all her competitions.

As I continued my day, I had the opportunity to see the floral displays.  In years past, no one let me do that… they all wanted to “get to the ride”, “eat that thing”, “buy that gadget”.

The flowers made me nostalgic for when I had a garden.  They were beautiful.

That was one of the best arrangements.  Below is one of the  beautiful dahlias.  A very unusual variety,

More beautiful flowers….

Since it is a county fair, there had to be animals…

Mocha, now that’s a good name for a pony.  I’ll bet half the kids were scared to death.



Kids, and kids and more kids….no pun intended.

But a fair would not be a fair without FOOD!   And what food…

Even old classics like Orange Julius…

AND THEN…. there was the really, really strange food… Giant turkey legs.

My tummy hurts just to look at it!

But these last two were the weirdest.

I’m not kidding.  Chocolate covered bacon.  And it was at the heart attack shack.

And last but not least:

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