Table settings

Meal time is a very special time.  I find it so astonishing that so many families do not sit at dinning room tables.  I think it is very, very sad.  This is such a great opportunity to really make mealtime special.  And setting a beautiful table is really a great way to demonstrate an appreciation for the food that is to come.

It can be a formal birthday celebration.

This will be a party that will always stay in our memories as a very special and magical evening.

It can be a simple table setting with beautiful dishes….

Beautiful china can make the setting have a certain flavor….

Even a simple family dinner can be a special occasion with just a few added touches.

And a family holiday is the perfect time to set a colorful table.

So next time you go to set your plate down to eat, consider how nice it would be to add just a few small touches to make the dining experience special.

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Insalata Caprese

Sometimes less is more….. and that is never more true than it is in food.  If you start with really fresh and good quality products and don’t mess with them too much, you can achieve gastronomic perfection.

A classic example is the mozzarella and tomato salad known as Insalata Caprese.

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes.  It is really nice to use different varieties and colors.

Fabulous mozzarella!!!  It is so soft and creamy and delicious.

Slice them up to really see the vibrant colors.

The sliced cheese and the fresh, fresh basil add to the flavors.

Place it all together and drizzle a simple vinaigrette  and enjoy.

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