Here we go!

Spring…new start!

We are back. We have been on a hiatus for far too long. But in that time I have tried different types of cooking, different palettes and different flavors.  What this has done is created a much more eclectic view of foods.  I spent 2 years as a vegetarian, not counting the brief stint during my teenage years.  After that I was vegan for 4 years.  I am now back to being an omnivore.   I think that these years have broadened my taste.  And I want to share it all!

Eating vegetarian and vegan really forced me to focus on vegetables, which as simple as it sounds does have a profound effect on one’s diet.  Everyone knows that “we have to eat our vegetables “, as our mother told us.  But committing to this changes the way we need to think about composing our plate.

When I was vegan, I would ask the waiter at a restaurant for some guidance on what I could order.  Inevitably the answer at any restaurant, high end or fast food, would be to order a salad.  Don’t get me wrong, I like salads. But that was not the treat I was looking for when I went out to dinner.  I often said that thank goodness I like to cook because otherwise it is very hard to be vegan and not just eat processed food.

I want to showcase many different types of cooking.  Thanks for rejoicing me on this voyage.