Table settings

Meal time is a very special time.  I find it so astonishing that so many families do not sit at dinning room tables.  I think it is very, very sad.  This is such a great opportunity to really make mealtime special.  And setting a beautiful table is really a great way to demonstrate an appreciation for the food that is to come.

It can be a formal birthday celebration.

This will be a party that will always stay in our memories as a very special and magical evening.

It can be a simple table setting with beautiful dishes….

Beautiful china can make the setting have a certain flavor….

Even a simple family dinner can be a special occasion with just a few added touches.

And a family holiday is the perfect time to set a colorful table.

So next time you go to set your plate down to eat, consider how nice it would be to add just a few small touches to make the dining experience special.

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